Create the Life You Want To Live

By diffusing your negative emotional charge, releasing the traumatic generational bonds, revealing and letting go of your unknown self-sabotaging wows, and INFUSING POSITIVE SELF-TALK, you'll be the real you 🙂



I will listen to you carefully without giving direction or advice. Any advice a consultant may offer comes from their own history and is therefore not likely to be useful in the other person’s reality.
People are usually able to discover deeply and resolve their own problems if given the space and encouragement to think and talk about them.  


After you have told me your story, we will define your issue precisely (you may get surprised at what your real thing is about!).

Then we will identify what solution you want to achieve in the given area of your life.

Then we will discover what mental, emotional, behavioural patterns attribute to and feed your discomfort.

Finally, we will apply simple but most effective techniques to replace the improductive patterns with some beneficial ones.

As a follow up, you may be asked to do some reinforcing work at home for some time.



60 minutes: 200 Euros


3 x 60 minutes: 570 Euros


6 x 60 minutes: 1080 E


9 x 60 minutes: 1530 Euros